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Eco Green  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often do I use Eco Green?

Answer: As often as needed to keep the plants looking the way you want them to look. Once the initial oil, detergents, dirt, and grime are gone, you can wash them weekly.

Will weekly applications hurt my plants?

Answer: No. Follow the directions. Always water the plant’s growing medium before washing the leaves, stems, and roots.

Does Eco Green have a bad odor?

Answer: No. You will notice a clean smell when washing the plant but there will be no odor when the plant wash has dried.

Can I rinse Eco Green once off of the plant?

Answer: Yes. If you do wash it off, we suggest you wait until it has dried, then wash it off.

indoor plants shower dirt grime removal
Outdoor plants tress shower dirt grime removal

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Ecosystem Friendly

Why did EPM call its pesticide ProtectionPlus™? Simple. It delivers protection from pests, Plus it’s kind to the environment. Learn why we think it is ecosystem friendly by reading the Pesticide FAQ section, viewing customer pictures, and reading related articles.

Low-Cost Pest Management

Broad mites, Russet mites, Aphids, and other pests mount a relentless attack on agriculture. EPM has formulated ProtectionPlus™ to be an ultra-effective high-quality pesticide that is very economical for use in on-going commercial Integrated Pest Management programs or backyard gardens.

Insecticides & Fungicides

EPM’s pesticide called ProtectionPlus is an insecticide and a fungicide. This advanced formula allows insects and powdery mildew to be killed on the plant while at the same time it cleans unwanted slimy fungus and bacteria away from roots, soils, growing mediums, tanks, pipes, and other equipment. All performed while the plants are growing! 3 products in 1, Great idea, Super savings!!

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