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Patrick Haley

President and Founder EPM (Environmental Plant Management)

Patrick is the formulator for the EPM line of products and a  pioneer in the field of enzymes and bacteria. When Patrick was first introduced to enzymes and their close relationship with bacteria, he was amazed. His research into enzymes’ symbiotic relationship to all life on earth thrust him into the manufacturing of water-based enzyme products that has helped both animals, plants, and the environment as a whole. Patrick has formulated and invented unique products for the last 35 years, many of which you may have used in your home, garden, pond, or spa. These products include natural parasite control & prevention for chickens, horses, cattle & goats; water cleaning for birdbaths, ponds, lakes, animal troughs or drinkers, & other water gardens; enzyme cleaners for coops, barns, stalls, birdhouses, bird feeders, & around the house; natural odor eliminators for livestock & pets; indigenous pond bacteria to create a balanced Eco-filter in Lakes & Ponds (Dry & Liquid Bacteria); and holistic medicine for Equine Papilloma Virus. 



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Eco Green Plant Wash

Why did EPM formulate a Plant Wash? EPM realizes that growers may be using a pesticide other than our Protection Plus. Many pesticides slow plant growth or cause plants and their concentrated oils to have a bad taste or a bad smell. Eco Green Plant Wash was formulated to wash off pesticides and be applied in-between pesticide applications to keep plants fresh and cleansed. Works Great!

Protection Plus Insecticide & Fungicide

EPM’s pesticide called ProtectionPlus is an insecticide and a fungicide. This advanced formula allows insects and powdery mildew to be killed on the plant while at the same time it cleans unwanted slimy fungus and bacteria away from roots, soils, growing mediums, tanks, pipes, and other equipment. All performed while the plants are growing! 3 products in 1, Great idea, Super savings!!

Low-Cost Pest Management

Broad mites, Russet mites, Aphids, and other pests mount a relentless attack on agriculture. EPM has formulated ProtectionPlus to be an ultra-effective high-quality pesticide that is very economical for use in ongoing commercial Integrated Pest Management programs or backyard gardens while being kind to the environment.

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