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Protection Plus quickly kills Russet Mites, Spider Mites, Aphids, Whitefly, Scorpions, Spiders, and Powdery Mildew.

Research laboratory testing results show that the first application of Protection Plus® will kill 98% of the Russet mites, 89% of the Spider mites, 98% of the Aphids, 90% of the Thrips, and 100% of the Whitefly.

Protection Plus® is applied to plants to reduce populations of insects commonly found on agricultural plants but may also be used in the home and garden. The ingredients in the formula are generally recognized as safer than pesticide ingredients used for non-food applications.  

Protection Plus® is tested for over 485 ingredients that could fail hemp or cannabis testing. Testing is performed in accordance with state testing requirements. Trying to stay ahead of the curve, we test for ingredients like glyphosate.  The chemical Glyphosate is not being tested by state authorities, but we feel that sometime in the future it will be. See our FAQ section to see all of the chemicals, heavy metals, microbes, and toxic ingredients we test for.

Protection-Plus Eco Friendly Insecticide

Outdoor harvesting is now made easier with Protection Plus®

Outdoor harvesting has always been a little tricky when the plants are full of scorpions, spiders, and other insects living in the foliage. Scorpions and spiders are no match for Protection Plus®. Apply before harvesting coffee, bananas, hemp, and any other food crop to help protect workers. Regular applications of Protection Plus® during the growing season will help keep the plant free of biting and stinging insects.

Protection Plus® is truly the new stand of the industry!

eco frinely insetcticie kills adult pests
eco friendly fungicide kills adult pests

Ponds and Streams

A pesticide application to plants in close proximity to ponds with aquatic life has always been tricky. Use the wrong pesticide on the plants and everything in the pond could perish. When used as directed, Protection Plus® will not harm aquatic life in ponds or lakes.

Outdoor Fun

Backyard barbecues and get-togethers are fun, but pesky insects are not. Spraying Protection Plus® in and around bushes and shades areas will help keep insects from bugging you!

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ProtectionPlus Product Details

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Ecosystem Friendly

Why did EPM call its pesticide ProtectionPlus™? Simple. It delivers protection from pests, Plus it’s kind to the environment. Learn why we think it is ecosystem friendly by reading the Pesticide FAQ section, viewing customer pictures, and reading related articles.

Low-Cost Pest Management

Broad mites, Russet mites, Aphids, and other pests mount a relentless attack on agriculture. EPM has formulated ProtectionPlus™ to be an ultra-effective high-quality pesticide that is very economical for use in on-going commercial Integrated Pest Management programs or backyard gardens.

Insecticides & Fungicides

EPM’s pesticide called ProtectionPlus is an insecticide and a fungicide. This advanced formula allows insects and powdery mildew to be killed on the plant while at the same time it cleans unwanted slimy fungus and bacteria away from roots, soils, growing mediums, tanks, pipes, and other equipment. All performed while the plants are growing! 3 products in 1, Great idea, Super savings!!

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