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“My story starts about a year ago when I decided to get my caregiver’s license in Michigan. A pen opened up at the farm that I was getting my pot from and I had become friendly with my soon-to-be business partner. My business partner also had another partner for the third pen and we all decided to share work, expenses, and knowledge. We had a team of people that took care of 216 plants (large outdoor plants) and a couple extra in case we had issues with any of the plants in the pens. We brought in 50 yards of soil from a couple of different suppliers to determine what soil we would use for the entire grow next season. We designed a new watering system that allowed us to have 1700 gallons of water ready to feed our plants whenever we needed and feed them all in an hour and 30 minutes. We thought we were all cool and set.

Well around July we had a heatwave in Michigan and temps were in the upper-lower to mid-90s in West Michigan and the issues started to pop up. Powdery Mildew and Aphids were a huge issue, we believe the aphids came from some soil we purchased. We won’t be using that supplier again. We fought them with the typical pest control options (Azmax, Green Cleaner, etc. even 3000 ladybugs twice). We thought this option would knock the pest down and we thought we were good, but we would see them on our clothes or arms after we worked on the plants. The Powdery Mildew we had was due to the lack of wind. Like most outdoor growers, we didn’t have a plan in place pre-season. Also, our plants weren’t growing at a steady rate like we hoped they would. There was some concern that our hard work, time, and money invested would not payout. 

Then in early July, we attended an event that one of our soil suppliers recommended. We noticed one vendor that was selling LEDs and had a cool-looking bottle on his table, I asked him what was in the bottle and he said a pesticide/fungicide. I asked him how it works, and I, who had the least amount of knowledge on growing and pest/powdery mildew issues, knew right away this would help with our current problem after his explanation. I grabbed my partner who has years of growing experience and showed him the bottle, we got a card from the vendor and told him I would call him (This was a Saturday and I called him Sunday). We played phone tag and told me to call EPM directly. I got the number for EPM and called. Gordon Redman the co-owner of protection plus answered! I didn’t give him much of a chance to say who he was, and just went into our issues and what we were doing to try to help. Then I told him, I don’t know much about pesticide/fungicides and I don’t have much experience growing but I’m the numbers guy in our operation. The money I’m spending on treatments that don’t work is outrageous and I need a product for a large grows that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. He told me I called the right place, but the wrong department, he was the co-inventor of the product, he spoke with me for another 30 minutes, and gave me his time like I was the only person that mattered to him at that point. He gave me Caruso Ag’s number which is one of the distributors of the product and that’s where I could purchase.  After that stroke of good luck, I immediately looked up who Gordon Redman was and was in shock that he took my phone call and spent time with me to go over his solution. After I did that I called Caruso Ag and spoke to John Caruso the owner, he did the same thing that Gordon did, answered my questions, didn’t make me feel uncomfortable asking questions that others in my position should know.

Once I knew these guys could help I put them on the phone with my partner, and we order our first bottle of Protection Plus. One gallon was shipped in a couple of days and we sprayed the plants and within two applications, sure enough, it worked. Then after getting a plan of attack from John, we knew we had to buy a 55-gallon drum of Protection Plus to take us to the end of the year. Also, after telling him our plants weren’t growing at the same rate as they were at the beginning of the season, John Caruso recommended a nutrient line for us to try. Those two combined purchases saved us hundreds of dollars on shipping and thousands of dollars in pesticide/fungicides that don’t work. The plants looked amazing after each feeding and application of Protection plus. We could see a difference in the plants just hours after we applied and the plants grew 3-6 inches a day it seemed. The numbers were adding up again…… 

The advice and consulting we received from John (Caruso Ag) and ultimately Gordon (EPM), was what saved our whole grow!! The team’s hard work was never a question, money was there but spending it unwisely is always a concern. Weather and god’s creatures were the only thing that could have brought us down, But EPM and their team, combined with our team, we had a win! 

– Paul; Farm 2020

Blew My Mind Good!

Matt for Oklahoma 2021
We accidentally bring insects into the grow all of the time, we are in a high insect area. We had a terrible infestation of aphids, I mean really bad. There were thousands of them, some brown some green in color. We tried everything, all of the pesticides available at the grow stores. They would knock them back but in a day or two, they would be right back hanging off the leaves by the hundreds.

We heard of Protection Plus being used in other commercial facilities so we reached out to Caruso Ag and ordered some. We applied Protection Plus and allowed it to dry, then started to look at the plants. We saw mass devastation of insects, it was astounding. Best of all, they are not coming back like they used to, so glad we have them under control.

We now apply the Protection Plus every 7-10 days. We apply every seven days if we don’t see any insects on the leaves.
Plants look so much better now, it’s hard to believe they are the same strain. I highly recommend Protection Plus because it saved my entire grow. No one wants bug-infested flowers. Without Protection Plus we would have lost everything!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Root Aphid Killer


So far this is the best 25b pesticide I have applied for root aphids. It has not only been the most cost effective but I have recieved nothing but excellent customer service from Caruso Ag.

Drip Emitter

drip_emitter: Time to SPRAY the LADIES Protection Plus (IPM): 2oz/Gallon

dablabsart_: Is this a product you are familiar with or have just started using?

drip_emitter: Been USING it FOR a FEW months. Works GREAT on “Spider Mites”


Protection Plus: The Leafdoctor Michigan King of Cannabis 2014 2016 2017 2018 High Time Cup winner 80 cups (nothing for sale). Another great product, this will KO bugs and PM plus it will pass testing.

Danky Donk Genetics

dank_donk_genetics: We add Protection Plus from Environmental Plant Management to the organic tea to help with the root system as well as the feed intake, our gardens have been saved ever since we started using this product, we had one hell of a Thrip infestation, after a month of using this awesome product we have no Thrips!!!

Legal Marsh Hydro Grow

Leagalmarshydrogrow : The source of these clones had some spider mites issues and I initially dunked them into some dial soap solution. Its been about two weeks and I just saw a couple of spots so I had an egg or two that definitely made it past my treatment so I was recommended Protection Plus by Phoenix Hydro they said it really good so I’m trying it out.

Canada Grower

Swiipkiidon: 2021 goal for @emvironmental plant management. Get into Canada. Please I pray

Sean the Grower


I would be a lot worse off without your product.  I treated my plants 3 days in a row and I’m on my second iteration. 

However, my friend has a greenhouse next to mine 50 ft away and he chose not to use it. 

He thought his neem oil treatments and other product had them under control. This morning he had a plant in the beginning of bloom but the buds looked brown.  I looked at it under a 200x scope and found an Infestation and then found what I think is an aphid on another plant’s leaf. 

So I have definitely seen the difference it makes on my plants. No infestation. Lol.

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Ecosystem Friendly

Why did EPM call its pesticide ProtectionPlus™? Simple. It delivers protection from pests, Plus it’s kind to the environment. Learn why we think it is ecosystem friendly by reading the Pesticide FAQ section, viewing customer pictures, and reading related articles.

Low-Cost Pest Management

Broad mites, Russet mites, Aphids, and other pests mount a relentless attack on agriculture. EPM has formulated ProtectionPlus™ to be an ultra-effective high-quality pesticide that is very economical for use in on-going commercial Integrated Pest Management programs or backyard gardens.

Insecticides & Fungicides

EPM’s pesticide called ProtectionPlus is an insecticide and a fungicide. This advanced formula allows insects and powdery mildew to be killed on the plant while at the same time it cleans unwanted slimy fungus and bacteria away from roots, soils, growing mediums, tanks, pipes, and other equipment. All performed while the plants are growing! 3 products in 1, Great idea, Super savings!!

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